Crime Prevention

Crime Doesn't Pay... You Do!

Crime Prevention? Isn't that a job for law enforcement?

A great many people ask the same question and the answer is, Yes. However, that is not the whole answer. Crime prevention should be everybody's business. And it only works when you, the citizen, and law enforcement work together. Your own self interest should be the motivating factor in giving the essential help needed to prevent any crime - from burglary to fraud.


Why should I worry? It's not going to happen to me.

Don't be so sure. Crime can happen to you if you don't believe that you're just ignoring facts.

Crime effects all ages - from children to senior citizens.

Crime hits all groups - it doesn't discriminate. Crime happens anytime - day or night. Crime strikes in any community - rural or urban. Crime aims at all income levels - from rich to poor.


What can I do to help?

A telephone call may be the only thing needed. Report any crime or suspicious activity you see as quickly as possible. No society can be proud of itself in a situation when citizens hear or see a criminal act taking place and do not report the incident to law enforcement immediately.

If something is happening to make you uncomfortable. Report it! The criminal almost always fears discovery. It is the greatest deterrent to crime. If you live in an area that has neighbors that watch out for one another and call law enforcement criminals will hear about it and avoid your area as it is too risky.

Be a witness. The only way for our justice system to work is for witnesses to give testimony when necessary in court, even when though the tactics of the prosecution, defense and the court tries your patience.


Crime prevention is...

Being aware of opportunity for a crime to happen and then taking action to stop or reduce the chance of it happening