The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of eight full-time detectives and an evidence technician. Their duties include: processing of crime scenes; interviewing witnesses and suspects; filing "State" charges for violations of both misdemeanor and felony crimes; preparing and presenting cases to the "Grand Jury" and serving as prosecuting officers in "Criminal Court" trials.

Consideration for a position with "CID" requires a minimum of five years experience as a "Patrol Officer". When an officer is assigned to this department, he is promoted to the rank of "Detective" for a six month probationary period. After completing the probationary period the officer is then promoted to Detective Sergeant.

Assigned number: Name: Rank: Date of Employment:
Delta 1 Jeff Morgan Chief Detective  February-1988
Delta 2 Vincent Tweed Detective Lieutenant July-1987
Delta 3 James Randolph Detective Sergeant June-1986
Delta 4 Steve Ratledge Detective Sergeant December-1989
Delta 5 Danny Ricker Detective Sergeant June-1990
Delta 6 Jason Taylor Detective Sergeant November-1995
Delta 7 Jeff Davis Detective Sergeant December-1993
Delta 8 C Michelle Holt Detective Sergeant September-1995
513 Angie Weems Evidence Technician November-1991

At CID's disposal is the "Crime Scene Van". This van is fully equipped with evidence collection materials, tools and equipment used in processing a crime scene.

Statistically, "Arson" is one of the hardest crimes to prosecute successfully. The Greene County Sheriff's Department has initiated an "Arson Task Force" comprised of two members. Patrol Lieutenant Jakie Christy and  Investigator Craig Bolby. The task force is called out to investigate all suspicious fires to attempt to determine the "origin" of the fire. They also assist in interviewing of witnesses and suspects and are a great asset in prosecuting offenders. Each of these team members have had extensive training in Fire Investigations and are continuing their education with a goal of "State Certification." At their disposal is the "Arson Van" which is fully equipped with necessary tools and equipment to investigate "Fire scenes" and properly collect evidence for future prosecutions.

CID Arson VanThe Sheriff's Department participates with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and has establish the Anti-Terrorism Task Force Detectives Jeff Morgan and Danny Ricker are members of this Agency. The purpose of the task force is to act as a mechanism by which federal, state, and local law enforcement officials can share terrorism related information. This agency will provide investigative reports, and bulletins to local officers along with names, photographs, and biographical information on persons of interest, wanted fugitives (foreign and domestic) and missing persons. The agency was formed at the direction of United States Attorney General John Ashcroft in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11th.